The strength of Reddot lies in the collaboration of all the great minds we have. We have achieved the formula for success which invloves pooling our expertises and bringing the best out of each other.

Here is our team

J.L Kwesie

I am very excited to show what we can do for Ghana. With our skills, we can completely transform the Ghana education landscape.

Mrs. Bernice Kwesie Director

Education is quintessential to growth of a nation. We, at reddot strive to ensure we provide education of the highest standards to everyone, everywhere.

The Future of Learning

We, at Reddot keep innovation at the helm of our operations and work tirelessly to add quality to the already exisiting infrastructure of education.

1. World Class Books

Our books are a class apart from their competetion. We invest a lot of time in the analysis phase to make sure that our product is of a different mould altogether.

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2. High Tech Support Material

We understand that education has transcended books and now has entered a digital phase which is necessary to support books. We place special emphasis on our digital products that helps child learn quickly.

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3. World Class Team

The strongest aspect of Reddot is the presence of a world class team that enables us to deliver hits after hits. We werk in unison and complement each other with our attributes.

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